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Immersit VR accessory rocks your world, starting with your couch

Virtual reality (VR) is one of the hottest new technologies, creating opportunities to make videogames and movies more immersive to consumers. But VR stops short of providing a full immersive experience because it focuses only on the head.

Immersit is a device that slips under any sofa, chair or bed with four legs and creates motion and vibrations in response to whatever is happening in a compatible movie or videogame. It supports up to 1,100 pounds and works in conjunction with an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Its software initially supports the PlayStation 3 and 4, the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows and Linux. Immersit is also compatible with the Oculus VR headset and is expected to be compatible with the HTC Vive and new Oculus VR headsets.

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Smart Furniture hides table, chairs as bookcase piping

Smart Furniture  20140326124332-dezeen_As-If-From-Nowhere-by-Orla-Reynolds_5[1]Perhaps every home owner’s main complaint about their home after living in it a few years is not enough space. Of course, that could easily apply to a dorm room, apartment or even a teenager’s bedroom. The very clever Smart Furniture offers a unique solution to creating more space in small environments. The bookcase holds colorful chairs and a table that seamlessly slide in for storage and out when ready to use. Cushions are also available for setting up the storage area as more comfortable benches. The chairs, however, are pretty spartan and probably wouldn’t be comfortable for extended periods. For $55, a backer gets the complete product, but you will have to assemble it yourself. Expected delivery is May 2014.