Zeepers helps create storage solutions for the stuff you use most

Finding a quick, convenient place to store things like pot holders, keys, and small tools can often be challenging. This problem is made all the more frustrating when kids rooms are involved. While messy floors in kids rooms might sometimes be the result of laziness, it can also be caused by a lack of viable and convenient storage options.

Zeepers are multi-functional organizational tools that help kids easily get things off the floor while also offering adults a convenient place to hang the little things in life that are used too frequently for drawer storage. The magnetic mounting device on Zeepers sticks to a wall via a specially designed sticky gel that won’t cause any damage. Zeepers lay flat, and also come with a hinge so that they can be used along a wall corner.

The product certainly seems like an interesting idea, but there aren’t enough details about its true utility or even how it actually attaches to walls. Disorganized backers looking for organizational motivation might want to check out Kubonets, PowerTower, and Elevation Rack. This campaign seeks to raise $65,000 by April 1, 2015. For $20, backers get one kit with an expected delivery date in August 2015.

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Cable Cube transforms spaghetti-like piles of cords into sweet rolls

No matter how much of a neat freak a person might be, keeping gadget cords from turning into a spaghetti-like pile under desks or behind the entertainment center is a near impossibility.

Then when something needs troubleshooting, trying to figure out which cord goes with what becomes something of a guess-your-best type of game. Cable Cube aims to transform the frustration of the spaghetti and organize it into something more manageable. The colorful, plastic box allows just enough cord on the outside to connect to electronic gadgets, while keeping the excess rolled and organized on the inside. The numbers help the user to keep track of which cord goes with what device. Two sizes are offered: large (200 mm cubed) and small (100 mm cubed).

The use of numbers to keep track of which cables go where may help with keeping track of gadget wiring organization, but the fanciful style won’t be a great match for every decor. Interested backers might also like to check out Power Tower and WrapAround. This campaign seeks to raise £5,000 (~$7,700 USD) by March 20, 2015. Early bird backers get one cube in their choice of plywood or finished Perspex for £10 (~$15 USD) with an expected delivery of April 2015.


Stay updated on weather, messages, and the test with Pixsso E Ink connected display

With so much information living within the many apps residing in smartphones and tablets, it can sometimes be difficult to get a firm grip on it all. Notifications keep information flowing constantly bombarding screens and lessening the importance of each new alert, piece of news, or message from a loved one, making them just another vibration.

Changing the context of the information can help, which is an approach that the Pixsso is attempting with their connected E Ink display. The 4.4″, always-on display can stick to pretty much any surface—be it wall, desk, or calendar—and provide customized bits of information that are set by a companion iOS or Android app. While the display itself may be a little bland, the benefit of using E Ink in combination with Bluetooth LE is the six month battery life that it claims, allowing Pixsso to fade into the background when not in use.

E Ink is a versatile and highly effective display medium to help facilitate the information that people are awash in, even if it may be too understated for some. There’s something to be said for these sorts of displays that aren’t garish or attention-seeking. Pixsso is a passable interpretation of this sort of this display, but with products like DISPLIO and Vikaura that offer more functionality in prettier packages (at around the same cost), Pixsso is facing a difficult market space.

A single Pixsso display can be had for $149. The $45,000 campaign is looking to ship the product in October of this year.