Pon hangs stuff on the wall without puncturing artwork

Hanging up photos and objects at home is a great way to make any room pop. Most use tacks, nails or tape to hang their stuff. The only problem is that tacks can damage posters, nails require expensive frames, and tape can peel paint off of walls.

patent-claimedPon is a hanging system designed for the more thrifty decorator. These metal coils puncture the wall and then grip onto anything from posters to CDs. The object fits snugly inside the coil, which is strong enough to hold a myriad of cool stuff. Pon is made of heat-treated stainless steel, meaning that it will hold its shape even after several uses.

While not the most exciting product in the world, Pon is a nifty little invention, great for college students or young adults who haven’t quite figured out frames yet. It’s made well and can be used in nearly any room in the house, or even at work. One set of 20 will cost backers $7 for delivery in April of this year. Pon hopes to raise $10,000 by March 4.