Safety Wearables

Ayefi provides personal safety in the form of a handbag, or so it claims

Most of us rely on smartphones to do everything for us, from sending e-mails to notifying us about special calendar events. However, we’re limited to apps to provide functionality and few offer options for personal safety.

Ayefi is a wearable open-source smart computer that promotes personal safety. When a special button is pushed, it triggers a message asking for help. It will take a video of what’s going on and send the video to help. Ayefi will also display images as well.

This device is, at best, very confusing. The campaign claims it has functions for education and fashion, but never really explains what that means. It claims Ayefi has a sleek look, but judging from the photos, it doesn’t. In addition, the personal safety functions don’t seem to do much more than simply calling 9-1-1 would. The campaign is selling messenger and handbags that integrate the device, but it’s confusing as to why. The handbag will go for $100 with deliver in February.

All in all, this device is trying really hard to be something innovative and cool, but it’s functions are too confusing to get excited about. Ayefi is hoping to raise a huge $79,000 goal on Kickstarter.

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