LAST DAY: Make your invention idea a reality with Backerjack and Edison Nation

Update: The product search submission period has now ended.

Backerjack is a leading source for people to learn about the latest products being brought to market through crowdfunding and pre-orders. Unfortunately, though, many product ideas don’t make it to market because the inventors lack the expertise, funds or other resources to see them through. Sometimes, products don’t win enough support from the community. And sometimes, even successfully crowdfunded products hit roadblocks that prevent them from ever coming to market.

What if there were an opportunity to have your invention vetted by a team that has a great eye for the next big thing, but has also brought many products to market by partnering with leading brands and retailers? That company is Edison Nation, and Backerjack is thrilled to be partnering with them on an invention search for a new product that will ultimately be crowdfunded?

So, think you have an idea that’s a winner? Head on over to Edison Nation and give them the skinny. The process is completely confidential so your ideas will be protected until they are ready to be sold to the world.