Balance Training Bat transforms hitting home runs into a science

Baseball can be a fun activity for kids that gets them off of their gadgets and out of the house. As a bonus, it provides them with a bit of exercise to help them stay healthy. But it’s frustrating when players seem to strike out more than they actually hit the ball. So Balance Training Bat is designed to help them with their batting skills. There are five different models of the bat, and each model scales up to cater to the player using the bat, from little league to adults. The bat is game-ready, taking the physics of how much weight is needed on the backend of the bat to counter the bat barrel so that batters learn good technique that allows them to hit the ball more consistently.

As any sports training device goes, it’s unclear whether this will really prepare batters for the big game. However, if it really can deliver, baseball players will rejoice at such a training tool that involves more than just hours of hitting balls the same way. Backers looking to improve their swing may also want to check out LoadUp Pro. This campaign seeks to raise $10,000. For $80, backers get one Balance Training Bat with an expected delivery of February 2015.

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