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Bluejay mounts a campaign for a more connected drive

Smartphones are an indispensable part of daily life. Unfortunately, so much so that they’re often the cause of injurious or even fatal accidents. With so many innovative solutions to far less pressing issues all around, it’s a shame there aren’t better solutions for this one.

The Kiwi Company’s Bluejay smart mount combines high-grade materials with robust functionality for a more seamless phone and driving experience. Three different attachments secure the carbon fiber and high-grade aluminum body to the window, dash, or air vent while a phone safe magnet keeps smartphones sturdy on the road.

When attached, the iOS/Android compatible Bluejay app presents a more road-friendly UI that allows drivers to make calls, send messages, share locations, control music and podcasts, and receive turn-by-turn navigation instructions each with a few taps. Crash detection gets help in time in case the worst does happen, adding an air of security to Bluejay’s offerings. Each mount and app combo is priced at $99 and is expected to ship in July. The Bluejay Kickstarter campaign is looking for $80,000 by March 31st, 2016.

Offering an easier to use UI while driving is a great idea for all drivers, especially those who have slightly older model vehicles. At the end of the day, though, most of this ‘product’ is found in the app itself and not necessarily in the mount The Kiwi Company is charging most of the $99 for. Still, it is well designed for what it does — even if it doesn’t completely solve the rather hazardous situation of paying any amount of attention to a phone while driving. For those looking for a digitally ascetic solution, check out the Katasi.

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