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Boldy holds gadgets so users don’t have to

BoldySometimes having only two arms and hands is just inconvenient. Especially when it comes to using wireless gadgets. But then that would be why there is a market for mounts. Boldy is a magnetic mount that consists of two pieces: one attaches to the gadget and the other to the wall. While the mount can be used pretty much anywhere that there’s a surface, the downside of sticking something to the back of a gadget can mean that it doesn’t fit as well in a pocket, purse or case. So it may be worthwhile to consider getting the Boldy case to simplify being on the go. For €47, backers get a mount plus iPhone 5 / 5s case, or €55 for a mount plus iPad case gen 2,3, or 4. Expected delivery is October 2014.

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