C-Box could be must-have device for indie filmmakers

There are several video cameras reaching the market now that independent filmmakers can use to make movies, including the URSA Ultra HD line from Blackmagic. But the cameras require the use of CompactFast (CFast) memory cards, a variation of CompactFlash cards, to achieve their maximum potential, and CFast cards are, for now, too expensive for at least some independent filmmakers to afford them.

patent-claimedThe C-Box is a plug-and-play device designed to solve that dilemma. It can be used with URSA cameras and other video cameras that use CFast cards to allow filmmakers to use whatever solid state drive (SSD) they want to instead of the CFast cards. C-Box will cost $500 when it ships in September. Its maker is hoping to raise $15,000 by June 10.

The C-Box system could be a must-have accessory for at least some independent filmmakers as long as it truly does exactly what its maker says it does. Most professional-grade external recorders will only handle up to 4K resolution footage, with a limited number of frame rate options. Some recorders even require the purchase of proprietary SSDs. But the C-Box system can record all of the frame rate and resolution options that the user’s camera offers for internal cards, directly to external, non-proprietary SSDs, its maker says.

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