Challenger tennis aid tracks speed and impact, makes players better with the ball

Every sport out there has become smart. With golfing aides and fitness rings, it’s now possible to examine every way a player can improve their game.

Enter Challenger, a tennis racket attachment that measures various aspects of a tennis player’s swing. This nifty little gadget attaches directly to the strings of a tennis racket. With Bluetooth, it communicates various metrics to the accompanying app. The Challenger is impact-resistant, weather-resistant and features a highly visible touchscreen display with four hours of battery life.

The app measures the speed of the swing, impact points on the racket and spin of each ball hit. It also keeps track of play time, types of swings, and how long the strings of the racket last until they need to be restrung. The app provides individualized profiles of players, gives tennis tips, and tracks progress over time.

Challenger offers lots of data that will certainly be helpful to tennis players looking to take their game to the next level. All it’s missing is a way for the app to interpret that data to provide feedback on how to improve, like the similar runScribe for runners. However, it’s feature of connecting the user with different players in their area is a nice plus. One can be had for $150 with delivery in January 2015. Challenger hopes to raise $75,000 in funding.

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