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Personal cloud security goes stylish with WEDG

The Premise. It’s become almost nearly impossible to function without using the cloud to share files from device to device or to other users, or just to store things in a convenient location. But cloud-based options are far from secure, and in order to keep files both private and easily accessible, a more private solution is required.

The Product. WEDG is a stylish, desktop cloud server with an upgradeable hard drive of at least 1TB. WEDG is easy to set up anywhere and begin storing and sharing files through a completely secure network managed via a proprietary app designed to bring phones to the level of security that matches the WEDG cloud. With no monthly service fees and the ability to access files from any device quickly and securely, WEDG is a must for any collaborators working together on a project whether within the same office space or on the other side of the globe.

The Pitch. WEDG’s promotional materials are like the device itself: short, attractive, and capable. With the campaign video we get a look at how WEDG came to be and what it can offer in terms of privacy and access for all users. The campaign page itself is long and in-depth, featuring all the different kinds of features and failsafe options WEDG provides as well as a history of the device’s signature and quirky design. In order to protect users everywhere, WEDG is asking for £90,000 in pledges to design the product by its own specifications, without the interference of other companies.

The Perks. A WEDG server complete with a 1TB drive starts at £149 and will be shipped out to supporters in December 2014. A white version for £199 is available, as well as an aluminum model with a 2TB drive for £249. Developers that want to push WEDG farther can get access to the device’s API and SDK at the £300 level, and beta testers can get access to new hardware models and software patches before anyone else for a pledge of £500.

The Potential. WEDG certainly isn’t the first device to offer a stable, personal cloud solution. Indeed its campaign is running concurrently with that of the Sherlybox, but the futuristic design, strong security protocols, and usage flexibility through the removable hard drive and companion app make it a stand-out among other competitors. It might not replace Dropbox or Google Drive as a simple, basic go-to option, but for those that put a premium on security and don’t want to sacrifice their web usage, WEDG looks like a great option.

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