Conductak sticks to circuitry like static cling

Making simple circuits is a great way to learn about or teach electronics, but the methods of doing so aren’t exactly the most reliable or structurally sound solutions. Whether it’s Scotch tape or copper strips, demonstration circuits have a bad habit of malfunctioning or falling apart. Conductak is a conductive sticky tack substance that can be adhered to the ends of these circuitry components and have transistors, conductors, and other components added to to create reliable, functioning circuits that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Conductak is sticky enough to hold components in place even on strange surfaces or surfaces in motion. Additionally, it doesn’t lose it’s adhesiveness even when taken apart, meaning Conductak can be used again and again. Inventor Allen Pan is still working out the optimal formula for Conductak and needs $2,250 to fund his research. Backers can play with an experimental batch of Conductak for $20 in November 2014. The idea here is to make learning about circuits easier and less frustrating. Using more science to accomplish this completes the circuit and is sure to make the light bulbs in some student’s heads turn on.

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