Conkey hangs around to keep mobiles useful

On those especially busy days at work or while enjoying weekend activities, it can be difficult to keep a mobile from losing all of its juice. So Conkey can be attached to a keyring for those days when there’s no time to wait around for a mobile charge to be restored. Though the mobile battery backup only provides 30 minutes of extra usage and its micro USB connector is only compatible with Android and IOS, it does have a few other nice features. The built-in, universal power plug unfolds to plug into a wall outlet, and it has an internal SD memory card. A magnet fastener keeps the item’s short cables from getting tangled around the user’s car keys.

Since it’s roughly the size of a standard car key, it’s going to offer more convenience and portability than most portable chargers, but not as much power. Backers may also want to check out the ReelJuice and OneCard campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000. For $30, backers get one set.

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