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Cypod flash drive takes four types of data for a spin

USB flash drives are important tools for computer users, enabling them to save photos, text and video data, and conveniently take that information anywhere without having to schlep a PC around. But not all memory sticks are created equal. Many of them are small and can be easily lost, while others can be unreliable and many can only fit a small amount of data.

Cypod is a cylindrical flash drive that promises reliability and the ability to hold a huge amount of data. It also adds something missing from typical USB flash drives: the ability to, like a traditional hard drive, partition four separate types of data. Each partitioned area can be selected by rotating the device to access the four separate USB sticks that have been incorporated into its design.

Cypod ships in June in multiple configurations, from a 16-GB version at $70 to a 4,096 GB one at $372. Early bird Kickstarter backers, however, can get one for pledges ranging from $39-$309. Its makers hope to raise $25,000 by Feb. 26.

The partitioning of media into four separate zones — one each for photos, video, music and documents — is a feature that some consumers may find appealing. But some consumers will likely find Cypod isn’t quite portable enough. It’s not going to fit into every pocket as easily as a typical USB flash drive can.


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