Cell Phone Accessories

Do the Hustle again with the Phone Disco ball

The death of disco back in the late 70’s was a tragedy that many still have yet to get over. The days of bell-bottomed jeans and ABBA still ring clearly in many minds, which is probably why inventor Colby Homec decided to create the Phone Disco.

The Phone Disco is a very simple accessory: attach it to a smartphone, and it filters the powerful smartphone camera light through a small disco ball to create the iconic light show central to all the best Saturday Night Fever dance-offs of the day. It uses three AG13, common batteries found in most stores, for hours of power. Each goes for $19 and is expected to ship in December 2016 should its $20,000 Kickstarter campaign see success by September 16th, 2016.

The Phone Disco is an extremely straightforward product in the vein of the Glowme smartphone case, offering lots of fun but no real impetus for a purchase outside of wanting to be silly. Actually, who are we kidding: who can resist doing their best Travolta impression with something like this at the ready?

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