Winter Sports

Don a WingJump and glide down a mountain with ease

Innovations in winter sports are few and far between, but when they happen they’re usually refreshing takes on a very established formula. Case in point: The WingJump, the result of an invigorating kitesurfing session inspiring a change in traditional skiing.

While it looks like a wingsuit, the WingJump is more designed to give skiersĀ more control and stability through positioning. But its main draw lies in how it allows skiers to jump for longer distances and land more smoothly due to the way it was designed, offering the sensation of flying in full safety. Different sizes are available for the entire family and three different versions cater to varying skill levels. The beginner’s version of the WingJump is the Activ and is priced at $144, while the Activ AirĀ ($300) and Activ Carve ($446) cater to more capable skiers by offering greater control over speed and stability. The WingJump Indiegogo campaign is looking for about $22,300 by October 2017 to see success.

The WingJump joins other mountainside innovations like the Hillstrike Snowtrike and the AXS Snoogee Board in exploring new possibilities through the fusion of already popular tools for new experiences. Still, no matter how safe its creators say using it is, it seems all too easy to have something unfortunate happen with someone less experienced, but that can be said about most new innovations. Ultimately, the WingJump has the strong chance of becoming something many skiers turn to in the near future due to its lightweight and novelty.



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