Droppi dispenses time-release absentee love to your pets

It’s an horrid feeling leaving pets home because of the demands of daily life. They have to spend long stretches of time alone, an obvious detriment to their mental and physical health. Fortunately, there have been a surge of products that promise to feed or even entertain your pet while you’re away. Now you can add Droppi to that list.

Droppi is a gadget designed with a tray that drops small treats or toys at a pre-determined time from above. You can attach to the wall anywhere in your home. With the help of speakers, users can always be sure the reward will be found with the use of pre-recorded sound messages to lead the way. Stretch goals include features that should already be baked into the product, including a night light and a backlit display. Ultimately, though, it simply doesn’t do enough especially considering it’s limited to one drop a day. Other products like the Odin or Pawly add puzzle and remote play aspects to the device instead of limiting it simply to whatever happens to be on the tray. Knowing how fickle most pets are, they’ll still end up being bored! There are other products that do much more, better. One Droppi is going for $45AUD (~$40USD) with a delivery date of June 2015. The campaign is seeking $40,000 to make this product a reality.