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EarAngels earplugs hang from earrings, offer peace in style

People who enjoy a life filled with adventure often spend time in some noisy environments. While activities such as racecar-driving, plane-flying and performing concerts can be fun adventures, they can also damage a person’s hearing. EarAngels was created for people who like to walk on the wild side of life.

What sets these earplugs apart? They attach to jewelry—and they are touted as fitting any type of earring. The high-fidelity ear protector allows her to hear even a concert with the proper highs and lows—it’s just quieter so that hearing doesn’t get damaged. The product and its packaging are reusable, and the washable earplugs can be stored right in the package. EarAngels don’t have a noise reduction rating yet, but the point of this campaign is to raise funds to discover that, and get the proper legal paperwork to prove it.

EarAngles seems like it may offer some worthwhile convenience for earring-wearers. This campaign seeks to raise $5,800 by March 4. Early bird backers get one pair for $5 with an expected delivery in March of this year.

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