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EcoQube Air desktop greenhouse clears the air while growing your plants

Growing plants in a home or office can be challenging due to several factors, including the need for adequate light and the messiness involved in using soil and water.

patent-claimedEcoQube Air is a desktop greenhouse that makes growing plants indoors much easier. As a bonus, it also has been designed to improve the user’s quality of life by purifying the air and providing smart light therapy to combat seasonal affective disorder.

The device uses hydroponics, which provides benefits that include low maintenance, a reduction of water usage by a whopping 90 percent, faster plant growth, and a drain spout for easy water change. Hydroponics is a method of agriculture that grows plants without the use of soil. Using this technique, plants can be grown with a fraction of the amount of resources (water, energy and space) required to grow plants the traditional way, in soil. Plants thrive by absorbing only as much nutrients and water they need.

So far, the app for Android and iOS mobile devices will allow users to control the LEDs, change the intensity of the grow lights and color of the RGB LEDs, and program the light schedule of the device to sync up with the user’s circadian rhythm. EcoQube Air ships in early 2017. But early bird backers can get one in November with a pledge of $119. Future pricing is $199. Its makers are out to raise $25,000 by June 3.

The product is handy for just about any would-be gardener who wants to grow plants indoors. Additional benefits include the device’s health capabilities, along with its energy efficiency. The only power used is by its energy-efficient LEDs, air intake fans and small water pump. However, a $319 UV/fogger model requires a small amount of extra power used for those two functions. That version will be available to Kickstarter backers starting in March for a pledge starting at $219.

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