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Feelings Bangle displays your relationship status without electronic gadgets

For those who have become weary of the guessing game where a person’s dating status is concerned, here is a product that will allow emotions to be worn on the wrist. Feelings Bangle is a bracelet that lets the wearer to communicate whether or not they want romantic attention.

The silicone-looking wrist bands come in nine different colors, with a corresponding word for publicly displaying one’s status. A few of the options include ‘party animal’, ‘friend zone’, ‘in love’, and others. Perhaps the most amusing is the ‘complicated’ status… whatever that means. Too bad there’s not a line of these for gag gifts that say things like ‘loser’, ‘out to lunch’, or ‘gold digger’.

The bracelets are touted as being easily seen within 10 meters, and they can be personalized with charms or a small pendant. But even if this product actually catches on, it will probably still be necessary to have a good pickup line prepared. Interested backers might also like to check out myOki.

This campaign seeks to raise $42,000 by March 23. For $5, backers get one product with an expected delivery in July of this year.

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