Filmbo is there to capture your extreme stunts

In this day and age, if there isn’t a tweet, status update, image, or video of something you’ve done, it may not have ever happened for all accounts and purposes. The Filmbo dock works with iPhone 4s to 6 Plus models to automatically track and capture either photos or video of movement so that someone else doesn’t have to.

Weighing in at a tiny .35lbs, the Filmbo can swivel 360° and tilt 20° to provide in-focus, clear shots to show off a goal you’ve made or a trick that you’ve finally nailed. Its three recording modes allow for versatility in which kind of images or video you’d want: robotic video mode follows you and continuously captures video, its moment photo mode tracks you specifically and takes photos when it senses big changes in movement or speed, and robotic time-lapse mode follows you and starts time-lapse photos automatically. The device sports a one click activation and lasts for up to eight hours if you don’t consider that it can charge smartphones, too. The Filmbo is fantastic for sports, but oddly only supports iOS and can’t attach a GoPro. Let’s hope that it can at least stand up to the rough wear and tear it will likely experience. One Filmbo is currently going for $99 before it shoots up to its MSRP of $169. The company is looking to raise $70,000 to have the product in the wild by April 2015.