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Fixo is a well-rounded smart home disc

Those who’ve made the leap to outfitting their apartments or homes with smart home devices can quickly recall the horrors of trying to figure out how make everything work together. The tired Internet of Things trope of disparate standards is anything but, still making things difficult years into the IoT craze. And to add insult to injury, each of these products can look so wildly different that choosing to put them all in a single space can result in a serious decorative crisis.

Some smart home systems, like the Oomi and Kasia, present potential backers with an all-in-one system that avoids these issues. Fixo, however, takes it up a notch with a stylish design that looks great presented on a table or on the wall anywhere in the home. The HD-camera equipped multi-face smart clock features a dedicated suite of apps along with a wide variety of integrations so that users can do everything from check weather forecasts, remind themselves of their next Google Calendar appointment, consult recipes in the kitchen, refer to the bountiful knowledge of Wikipedia, or just snap some selfies or video call loved ones and friends.

The Fixo Indiegogo campaign also gives backers the chance to purchase a set of connected devices that work in tandem with Fixo, not only aesthetically and functionally as well. Users can opt for a key tag to keep track of their most precious items or to use a camera button, a room sensor that tracks temperature, humidity, and sends alerts about open and shut doors, a health monitor that can track blood pressure and heart rate, or a smart scale for an evolving weight report. By itself, the Fixo is $249, while a package with the Fixo and its smart home accoutrement costs $499. All are slated to ship in December 2016 should the Indiegogo campaign reach its $50,000 goal.

Sometimes, inventors and companies create products that attempt to do too many things — much to their detriment. The result is the same in the traditional and crowdfunding business world: a failure to achieve any worthwhile victories, ultimately conceding to its all-over-the-place design. Fixo might certainly be another one of these products, but its attractive packaging and pleasing UI — not to mention the fact that it emulates a spinning vinyl record when playing music — just might find it some fans and subsequent success.

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