Connected Objects

Fizzly is another Bluetooth mashup of smart tag, button and sensors

Why buy one device that does a single thing, or wait for apps to be created before you have the functionality you need? The tiny square Fizzly will put the power back in your hands with its multitude of arrays and sensors designed to track and react to all sorts of movement.

While impressive in and of itself, the real magic starts happening when Fizzly is attached to your body or other real-world objects to make them interactive. Attach it to your skateboard and make every trick and grind a part of a Fizzly-enabled game on your iOS or Android device. If everyday functionality is more your thing, place Fizzly in your mailbox and set an alert to trigger whenever it is opened so you can be in the know, for example. The company stresses the open nature of the platform, and encourages backers to try and find their own uses. In many ways, it’s $39 price tag is getting you a product that changes depending on who uses it, an exciting prospect for something so small. The campaign’s $49,000 goal aims to have Fizzly in backer’s hands, bags, shoes, or wherever else by April 2015.

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