Flex Putter Trainer puts some panache back into the putt

Golfing is a classic sport, one that requires power and finesse at the same time. Putting is an important part of golf and demands delicate motions to get the ball to cooperate.

The Flex Putter Trainer is a tool to help perfect that putting portion of golf. This club is made from flexible material so the shaft is bendy. This way, it exaggerates each motion. If the ball is hit too hard, the putter will really knock into it, training the golfer to go a bit easier. It also works if the ball is being hit too softly. The campaign claims that this product provides square impact, so the flexible nature of the club doesn’t mess with the direction of the ball.

There are scores of golf trainers out there. What’s great about the Flex Putter Trainer is that it really focuses on the power behind the putting stroke and doesn’t need technology to provide guidance. One can be had for a donation of $100 for estimated delivery in February 2015. Flex is hoping to raise $7,000 on Kickstarter.

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