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Flight Entertainer tablet, smartphone holder keeps you distracted from charley horses

Ahhh, yes. Flying in economy class and being cramped up like a sardine in a can is always a good time (not!). But when one has the benefit of a good movie or two on their tablet or smartphone, it helps take one’s mind off of the charley horses that develop in one’s legs. And Flight Entertainer can even possibly prevent any from developing in arms because of having to hold a smartphone or tablet.

Flight Entertainer attaches to the back of the seat or table on the chair in front of the user, and then the smartphone or tablet hangs from the holder. It’s also compatible with some road vehicles. The product allows for either portrait or landscape positioning, and can offer a place to stash earbuds when not in use.

While it seems to be a quality product, it doesn’t seem any better than anything else already pushing its way out there. Backers might also be interested to check out Clamp Hero, Dutchman, and Must. This campaign seeks to raise $1,500. For $39, backers get their choice of a tablet or smartphone holder with an expected delivery of May 2015.

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