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Flip Band bracelet gives motivation to complete goals with a check

Right about now, most people’s New Year’s resolutions are falling by the wayside. All of those commitments to work out and get in shape have faded as January comes to its close.

So Flip Band was created to help people to stay on track with their personal improvement goals. The concept is rooted in behavioral psychology and works as follows: the user picks a goal that they want to do every day. Then they wear a Flip Band that says, “Go ahead punk! I dare you to make my day and flip me!” Well, okay, it really just says, “Flip me.” Once the goal is completed, the user gets to flip the band over to the green checkmark side, which is supposed to give them an instant sense of gratification. Flip Band recommends an accountability buddy for the best results.

For those who are able to be motivated by the color green and a checkmark, this just might work. A “thumbs-up” icon might have been more of a motivator, though. This product seeks to raise $7,500. For $19, backers get a set of two bands with an expected delivery of March 2015.

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