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FocalPoint makes sitting at computer less of a pain in the neck

Wearing bifocals and sitting in front of a computer is generally a frustrating and even painful combination. Once the proper position to actually see the screen is found, sitting in front of it for a while often causes a crick in the neck. That’s why FocalPoint was created. The monitor stand allows bifocal wearers to adjust and tilt their computer screen to an angle that is compatible with using the keyboard and seeing the monitor more easily.

The stand is compatible with screens that are 12-27 inches and comes with a hex wrench and all other items needed for easy assembly, which seems to be fairly minimal. Backers may choose from birch, bamboo or natural finishes.

This product seems like it may be a quality product, but it also seems that making the font larger on the screen may be an option that could resolve the issue. Interested backers may also want to check out The BU Desk, ReadyDesk, and StandStand campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $2,500. For $25, backers get one FocalPoint with an expected delivery of January 2015.

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