Winter Sports

Folding Sled blends winter fun and convenience

Some people’s idea of the perfect winter day is sipping on a cup of hot chocolate near the fireplace while watching the snow fall outside. For other people, going out and playing in it is the only way to go, especially when there’s a sled available. Folding Sled blends a fun winter activity with an easy way to store this seasonal item.

Since it’s lightweight, it works well for racers. But Folding Sled is also large enough that a parent and child can use it together. Assembly is touted as being uncomplicated, and when the product is not in use, the polyethylene seat allows it to fold together and store easily. This will also allow for many sleds to be packed in the family car or SUV for a sledding getaway.

Folding Sled seems like a very convenient product that may be worth exploring further. Snow-loving backers might also be interested in AXS Snoogee Board, SCIRT,  Neck Warmer, Hoogle, and MittGrips.This campaign seeks to raise £30,000 (~$46,000) by March 5. Early bird backers get one product for £170 (~$260 USD) with an expected delivery in November of this year.

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