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FOOOTY is a folding ball that’s a real kick

As people get older, the opportunities for play get fewer and farther in between. It’s a shame, too, because along with exercise and diet, engaging in unstructured or structured play has shown to be highly beneficial for health.

For that reason, inventor Jean-Pierre Raes labored in making something that would allow spontaneous play anywhere. The result was the FOOOTY system, a system of flat construction elements that come together using an easy-click system to create a variety of balls. The finished ball is rugged and waterproof, able to take kicks without going flat — perfect for that impromptu game of hackey sack.

Balls aren’t the only things a set of FOOOTY elements can make, though, with Raes espousing the possibilities for new shapes to emerge given enough imagination. The best thing about FOOOTY? The fact that these elements can be stored in the pocket for easy accessibility.  About $17 gets backers a set of 10 FOOOTY elements to be shipped June 2016. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for about $17,000 by April 30th to see success.

Many crowdfunded toys skew toward the younger crowd, so it’s refreshing to see something that anyone can have a blast with. Simply designed and simply executed, FOOOTY is simply fun — something most could agree more people need more of.

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