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FretPen is an ink-slinging miniature guitar toy for practicing riffs

The Premise. Musicians have trouble spending time away from their instruments. But bulky instruments, especially guitars, aren’t very portable and cannot be left in cars or public places where they may be stolen. Those with busy lives who like making music are left with few options.

The Product. The FretPen allows traveling musicians to travel easier. This mini guitar has one string and uses an app and electronics to allow the user to make music on the go. With the iOS app, users can add effects to their music and play with either an acoustic or electric guitar sound. The FretPen is the size of a normal pen and even comes with a pen attachment so it really delivers on its name. This product uses Bluetooth technology to deliver wireless music to your smartphone. Using the app, the FretPen user can then edit the music they’ve made however they wish.

The Pitch. Fret’s video shows a rocker guy using the FretPen in transit which is a great example of the product’s versatility. The rest of the campaign shows screenshots of the app in action as well as the mechanics of the product. The creators use photos comparing the product to common objects to demonstrate how small it truly is. FretPen hopes to raise $35,000 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For early-bird rockers, FretPen will cost $99 at the “Front Row” price or $119 at the “Second Row” price. The regular or “Main Floor” pricing is $129. Reward tiers go up to $1,499 and all have an estimated delivery date of November 2014.

The Potential. FretPen is a small, fun and easy way for musicians to make music while they’re touring or even just at their day jobs. Of course, it won’t match up to an actual guitar, but seems to be able to do a decent job at creating some cool music. We’ve seen guitars that hook up to smartphones and tablets in the past, like the IGI Smart Guitar and the relatively portable Jamstik, but none so tiny and wireless as the FretPen. This product is perfect for amateur guitarists or busy rock ‘n’ rollers and will certainly find success in the smartphone-meets-guitar market.

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