Garden@Home offers modular planting boxes to stack and save space

Living in a city has many advantages. Museums, theaters and concert halls are only steps away and everything is open late. While cultural events are ubiquitous in a city, nature is much harder to come by. Garden@Home is a small garden system for those who only have a little space in which to grow plants. Featuring poles, shelves and a support dripping system, you can have several boxes of different kinds of plants and flowers. Some boxes sit above others and their water drips into the lower plants. The basic set holds four planters, but there is also an extension set of two planters available. Garden@Home comes in a variety of color palettes.

The biggest complaint among city dwellers is the lack of nature. Many flee to parks in the spring, summer and fall, but stay in for the winter. Garden@Home is a great system for those who like lots of plants in their apartments, but lack space to house them all. If installation is as easy as the campaign claims, this would make a great addition to any tiny studio. For the smallest set coming complete with two planters, backers must donate $55 CAD (~$48 USD) for estimated delivery in May 2015. Garden@Home is hoping to raise an ambitious $115,000 (~$101,200 USD) on Kickstarter.