Smart Home

Get a grip on your connected life with the Moband gesture wand

Alternative forms of device control are all the rage now, and for good reason. Smartphones and other touch-based devices are great for communication but usually end up adding complexity when it comes to smart home control.

The team at iWave designed the Moband to give smart home enthusiasts or anyone looking to more easily control their connected home objects another way to do so. The gesture-based universal remote control comes with 10 preset gestures (e.g. swing up, down, left, right, rotate, etc.) or the ability to create custom gestures, all of which can be linked to the functionality of one or more remote controls already in the house.

These controls can be for anything: televisions, multimedia systems, air conditioners — even Roombas. It can also connect to devices via Bluetooth as well. For users feeling a little silly, it can be used as a faux music instrument or even conductor’s baton.  Each Moband goes for $115 and is slated to ship in August of 2016 should the iWave’s Kickstarter campaign raise about $23,000 by July 25th, 2016.

Moband is sleekly designed and will certainly look good in the home alongside other devices and appliances but unfortunately, its focus is sort of in the past at this point. With more and more devices like Amazon’s Echo concentrating on voice control, waving a wand around like Harry Potter seems a bit anachronistic.

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