Get mic’d up with the Mikme wireless recording microphone

Inspiration can strike anywhere and at any moment for anyone, but what good is inspiration if it can’t be taken advantage of? Authors, journalists, and musicians all experience bursts of inspiration but don’t necessarily have the tools at their disposal to easily record their thoughts and melodies in high-quality.

Mikme is a wireless recording microphone designed to streamline the usually multi-step process of setting up an environment to record quality audio by reducing it a single button tap. As current processes are hobbled by poor smartphone quality or lots of inputs and equipment to set up with laptops, a portable device that enables users to quickly record up to 180 hours of studio-grade quality audio will ensure that inspiration will never go to waste. Mikme utilizes a Bluetooth connection to stream audio in real-back to its iOS and Android companion app where users can save, mix, edit, and share their creations. The $179 Mikme wireless recording microphone can be expected in May 2015 should its campaign reach its high goal of $217,000.

The team behind the Mikme claims their device captures 24bit audio at a 96kHz frequency. When being streamed, though, audio is compressed while transferred through Bluetooth but saved in its raw form within the device’s 8GB internal memory. When dealing with audio, wireless is usually a bad call and at some point, the Mikme’s audio will eventually be exported and quality affected. All in all, the Mikme is probably a much better call than other wireless solutions, but ultimately won’t be superior to hard-wired microphones.

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