Granola Stroller charger lets the sun shine in to charge your gadgets

photo-mainEco-awareness is an increasingly important design principle being implemented to confront future challenges. Every little innovation contributes towards its spread, which is why the Granola Strolla impresses. The product is a portable solar-powered charger for all your USB devices, reliably charging them by using a multi-directional design that effectively drinks up the sun no matter what orientation it may be in. The whole of the charger features environmentally materials like HPDE and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, both of which are non-toxic and last longer. This product could help solve the problem of dead devices and wasteful energy all in one. Econauts can pick up their very own, along with a swag bag, for $55. This will help the company reach their goal of $20,000 by mid-October 2014.