Connected Objects
Green Lantern got nothin’ on anyone with an IRring remote control infrared ring

Sometimes, even getting up to manually turn off the lights can be a hassle, especially after a long, tiresome day. It’s funny how that can happen, and as a result most can admit to that feeling of pure laziness. Smart devices have pretty much made this an option, though, provided enough of the home is connected.

This is why the IRring remote control ring is a bit of a puzzle. The product is an Arduino-based, infrared ring that can control all types of electronics, appliances, and lights. For those parts of the home without infrared capabilites, an appliance module can help bridge that gap. A point and a click will set anything programmed on and off without much effort.

The ring itself is a bit of a clunker, though, and its lack of Bluetooth LE (although it’s being worked on) along with being relegated to only the home seems limited in use when other smart devices can trigger parts of the home through cellular networks. But, at $20 a pop, the device is inexpensive. A successful $15,000 campaign will see the IRring shipped in June 2015.

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