Guit Stix offers a medley of tools for your guitar

Perhaps there is little that is more disappointing for a budding musician with a CD than to realize the importance of having a way to sell that CD before going to all the expense of recording. That being said, Guit Stix was created by a musician who apparently has lots of CDs to give away if backers will donate to his campaign. And just what is this product? It functions as a stand, pick holder, and tuning holder. The product appears to be wooden and rather bulky for attaching to a guitar. It doesn’t appear to be particularly sturdy. But hey, this guy should probably be given some credit for attempting to come up with a creative way of getting his CDs marketed and promoted and making some extra money off of a unique product idea. As for the pros who are interested in some useful performance gear, consider checking out the A Little Thunder campaign to add some live bass boost to that upcoming concert. This campaign seeks to raise $5000 by November 27, 2014. For $100, backers get one product to compliment that CD, and an expected delivery of January 2015.