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H1 strives to be the #1 smart projector with 4K, Android support

A good home theater system can be costly when you factor in the TV and stereo system including speakers and an amplifier.

H1 is a portable, 3D full HD smart projector that features Harman Kardon 45mm dual unit stereo sound. The projector uses Texas Instruments DLP technology and its brightness is rated at 900 ANSI lumens for daytime or bright-light viewing. H1 is the latest LED projector from Chinese manufacturer XGIMI, and transforms any surface into a 300-inch screen.

The projector can also be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker, and features the Android operating system, allowing content to be streamed directly to the projector. It also supports 4K video. Its makers’ goal is for H1 to replace a traditional home theater with a single-cable device. H1 ships in December at future pricing of about $874. But Indiegogo backers have been able to order one for a pledge starting at $699 for early birds. Its makers are out to raise $100,000 by Oct. 27.

H1 compares favorably to similar projectors from more familiar manufacturers, including LG’s PF1500 smart home theater projector. But, unlike the LG model, H1 includes 4K support, Harmon Kardon audio and Android compatibility. It’s unlikely, however, that — regardless of how great H1’s sound is –- it can outperform a traditional home theater surround sound system for audio enthusiasts.

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