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Harrier Cable loops in multiple USB data modes

While most of us are perfectly OK with the capabilities of our Android smartphones and tablets, there is a very vocal minority who continually clamor for more openness and connectivity. As a platform, Android performs admirably in this respect and makes sure to offer users the ability to do so. Problem is, users may need special connection solutionsĀ to use keyboards and mice with their device, for example.

The Harrier Cable is an extremely low-cost option to both charge your device while giving you the option to also use keyboards, mice, printer, and even game controllers with your smart device. The cable also supports the option of charging multiple devices with one power socket as each cable can connect to each other.

All in all, this product is extremely niche and seems like something you’d see in one of those markets full of all kinds of technology knick knacks rather than something a tad more serious. Again, it is only going for $12, so it is a price point that may be subject to anĀ impulse purchase. The Harrier Cable will be available by the end of this year provided the campaign reaches their modest $1,000 goal.

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