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Heimdall 3D camera system helps your elderly parents before they fall

One of the hardest parts about taking care of the elderly is preventing them from falling down when one isn’t watching them.

Heimdall is a 3D camera and computing platform that features smart artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring software allowing it to detect danger and accidents. It’s designed primarily for elderly consumers and their caregivers. Heimdall keeps track of when an elderly person may be leaving a room or their home, and when they may be wandering off alone. It detects falls and other accidents before they happen, and alerts caregivers on their mobile devices so they can take action.

Heimdall starts shipping in April at future pricing of about $519. But Kickstarter backers can order one with a pledge starting at about $338 for super early birds. Its makers hope to raise $209,224 by Dec. 28.

There are a growing number of crowdfunded devices designed to help caregivers take care of the elderly, including MOCAheart health monitor and many products that let folks know when their parents forget to take their pills. Heimdall seems appealing for any caregiver. But, unlike the case with a device that lets people know when an elderly person forgets to take their medication, there is often little that anybody can do fast enough when an elderly person who is not with them is about to fall down. At the end of the day, there is just no replacement for having a caregiver around at all times.


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