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HomeTraq monitoring system tracks second home, reports any funny business

Keeping tabs on a rarely-visited second home with a remote home monitoring system presents a special challenge. That’s because most monitoring system depend on either a landline or Internet connection–two things many people don’t want to pay for unless they are actually at home.

The HomeTraq remote monitoring device resolves that issue by using a SIM card that does away with the need for a landline or Internet connection. HomeTraq monitors the temperature, humidity and alarm system of a property, and also keeps track of unusual sounds. A SMS text or email alert will be sent if the device detects an issue, such as the property being too hot or cold.

HomeTraq comes with a SIM card that will not expire and automatically roams until it finds a cellular network to connect to. There is no contract or activation fee. But there is a $6 fee for any month that the user wants the SIM card to monitor the home. However, users can opt to use their own SIM cards to avoid paying that monthly charge. Backers who pledge $29 will get a HomeTraq device when it ship in May as part of a discounted early bird Kickstarter special. The Lewisville, Texas, inventor is trying to raise $15,000 by early February.

The device is clearly designed for a very niche market. But there are many consumers who will find it appealing–such as snowbirds who spend half the year in Florida and half the year in a colder place.

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