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Hoping to sneak in without getting caught? Don’t Blink

The Premise. Break-ins and burglaries happen at a rate that’s sure to make anybody feel unsafe. However, complex home security systems are bulky, inconvenient, and require monthly subscriptions to use.

The Product. Blink is a truly wireless home security system, not even requiring a cable for power. Blink starts with the Sync Module, which all of the Blink units report to and transmit to the cloud for phone access, alerts, and streaming video. Each of the Blink units offers a discreet, wireless camera with a full year of battery life. Each camera also includes a motion sensor, heat sensor, night vision, and an audio microphone. Because of the lack of power cables or ethernet cables, Blink can be moved, adjusted and repositioned to suit any possible needs.

The Pitch. Blink’s pitch video comes off a little strong and very commercial like, but the device speaks for itself. Seeing the alerts, streaming video, and how simple it is to customize a Blink system for any need is enough to put home security system complaints to bed for good. Blink is out to secure $200,000 for its project to complete fabrication, develop the beta version of the app, and conduct in-home trials.

The Perks. One Blink unit with a Sync Module can be picked up for $69 and will be ready for delivery in May 2015. To monitor more than one room, a 2 Blink system with Sync Module is available for $119. Anyone who wants to set up their home security system sooner can get the same package as part of the beta program for $149, shipping in March 2015. Packages for larger homes and resellers are also available at higher tiers.

The Potential. In terms of a home security system, Blink is sort of a “do-it-yourselfer.” Being able to access instant alerts and streaming HD video on the go is an awesome way to determine if there is really a break-in happening versus something routine tripping the motion sensor, but without an instant response system to notify law enforcement, that falls onto the owner’s responsibility to review the tape and then take it a step further and call the police. The wireless system is great both for convenience and flexibility, but also to disguise the security system and keep potential threats on their toes. All in all, as long as homeowners can remember to keep the batteries fresh and don’t mind having the cops on speed dial, Blink is an extremely attractive home security option.


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