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Hydrobee charger uses wind, rain, and muscle to juice up your devices

The demand for battery power on tablets and smartphones is simply never met. We use these devices day in and day out, taking advantage of all the cool apps and capabilities they have to offer. However, most find that their device only lasts half the day and dies at the worst moments.

Hydrobee never wants any smartphone to die ever again. This mini power plant harnesses solar, wind, hydro and mechanical energy to power any USB compatible device. Charge it up with a bike ride, day out in the sun or running water. Then, when the time comes, unplug and set off for the day. Hydrate will be there to charge your device with its stored energy.

We’ve seen all kinds of these devices on Backerjack. Batteries that charge from wind or sun, but it’s rare to see a product that takes almost any kind of energy it can get. Hydrobee’s versatility is what truly sets it apart from other products. Interested backers can grab their own $145 by May 2015. Hydrobee is looking to raise $32,000 on Kickstarter.

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