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IndieVice overcomes smartphone cameras’ vices to provide improved photos

Smartphones continue to be the de facto camera for most people. But the photos taken with them still tend to lack the artistry of higher-end cameras, even with the vastly improved cameras that are featured on the best new smartphones.

patent-claimedIndieVice is an attachment that promises to transform the cameras on any smartphone into a pro-grade camera for taking still images and video. It will also work with a GoPro camera, but requires an adapter kit. IndieVice uses Bluetooth to allow (digital) zoom in/out with the touch of a button. It was also designed so users can easily add on virtually any additional camera equipment, including lighting devices and tripods.

The IndieVice Pro model has an adaptable universal lens adapter that allows users to change professional lenses quickly. The Pro model will cost about $171 with a Bluetooth remote and ships in March 2016. Its maker has set a Kickstarter goal of raising $40,853 by July 29.

There is potentially a large market for IndieVice. Standout features include its dual flip screen technology that provides two formats for viewing. The included 180-degree flip screen provides full accessibility to the smartphone screen’s functionality for any mobile app adjustments. The device was designed to mimic the natural hold and feel of a professional video camera.

Although IndieVice’s maker says it is very lightweight, making it convenient to carry the device wherever somebody goes, it still seems bulkier than many consumers would probably prefer. Such folks who want more imaging versatility might opt for the something like the olloClip Studio. After all, the small size of smartphones is one major reason why many people use it as their main camera.


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