JB Flat Screen TV Stand gets your TV off the wall and moving around

For those who have an aversion to having their TV hanging around on the wall or using a bulky  and often size-limiting TV entertainment center, JB Flat Screen TV Stand offers an alternative. The telescopic stand can be adjusted from 43 inches up to 81 inches, and supports a TV that is anywhere from 27 – 65 inches. Its basic and simple black design also includes a small floor shelf for storing a few DVDs and perhaps some game accessories.

As for the creator’s claim of being the first telescopic stand, a quick search reveals that Displays2go and Chief PF are just a couple examples of others that are out there that may even be better. Backers interested in home entertainment products might want to check out the Ovoid HomePod, and Vibro Vest campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $19,500 by February 8, 2015. For $200, backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.

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