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JIVR chainless e-bike folds in half, uses Bluetooth to show how cool you are

The quest for the perfect e-bike has left a path littered with many grand ideas that have never panned out. Every now and then, though, pearls like the Impossible and LEAOS emerge, offering something new and pushing the idea of what an e-bike can really do.

The JIVR Bike, a folding, chainless, beacon-enabled e-bike, is certainly one of those ideas. It’s sleekly designed frame houses a brushless motor and lithium-ion battery that offers riders 20 miles of pedal assist on a single charge, with a top speed of 15.6MPH. Bluetooth integration allows riders to log everything from distance traveled to calories burned, not to mention other applications that will likely emerge through upcoming JIVR hackathons. When a ride is completed, it takes just four moves to take the JIVR from an e-bike to a piece of luggage weighing in at 33lbs, thus making it extremely handy in a pinch.

The company is offering interesting incentives not seen from other, similar campaigns. One is called JIVR Care, a service that will see someone from the company make a house call within 48 hours to fix the bike in the likelihood something breaks or goes wrong. The second sees JIVR offering backers the opportunity to grab the product for as little as $1,055 by enrolling in its JIVR Ambassador Program. In exchange, participants will have to commit to ride the bike for at least 50km, write reviews, and engage in social media for a few months. Both of these initiatives set the company apart from the competition. Further, both initiatives demonstrate’s the company’s support for the long-term, though interested participants must be located in a relatively short list of pre-approved cities.

The JIVR Bike has an estimated ship date of September 2015 provided the campaign achieves its $105,600 goal by April 10.


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