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KADALOCK connected bike lock offers steel cable protection

Keeping one’s trusty bicycle safe and sound is often easier said than done. Even when a bike is locked up, owners can still experience tinges of doubt as nothing can truly guarantee that a locked up bicycle will remain safe from enterprising thieves.

KADALOCK is a connected bike lock which aims to remove that layer of stress. In addition to being weather-resistant, it’s worth noting that the KADALOCK can easily be used with existing water cages. The lock itself uses a tough but thin steel cable to wrap up the bike’s wheel to keep it safe. The product features Bluetooth LE  connectivity and can alert users when any kind of tampering is detected — so long as they’re nearby, of course. If an owner is out of range, and thus too far for notifications to be transmitted, the device has an embedded 80 decibel alarm that will scare n’er-do-wells away instead. The lock’s connectivity also allows users to share keys to their ride too, adding some useful functionality outside of protection. The KADALOCK can be had for $199, while early birds can get it for $119. The campaign is seeking to raise $50,000 goal by April 20. If successful, the product has an expected ship date of September 2015.

Another connected bike lock system worth mentioning is the Noke U-Lock. The Noke U-Lock that does everything the KADALOCK does, but with a few extra features to boot. Not only is the Noke cheaper than the KADLOCK, it also boasts GPS integration, a USB connection for charging in emergencies, and a physical companion key fob to go along with the digital keys.

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