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KaliPak soaks in the sun to create a powerful generator

When those dark and stormy nights blow through and there is no power available, everyone wishes that they had a good generator. KaliPak is a solar powered generator that is intended to provide power to individuals when the grid is down. Though the solar panel itself is not immediately available, it can also be charged via a 12V car-lighter socket or, when the grid is up again, using a regular electrical outlet. It appears that the only items that can be charged are those that are typically charged via a USB cable, since electrical outlets in conjunction with this item aren’t showing in the photos. However, there may be KaliPak adaptors available for purchase that can change that. The KaliPak app along with Bluetooth capabilities are required to determine the specifics on how much power the generator has left. The battery itself is a 39amp battery. As for mobile gadgets, keep in mind that in a natural disaster or emergency, Wi-Fi connections and cell phone towers will probably be as unavailable as electricity. This campaign seeks to raise $250,000 by December 29, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $398 with expected delivery in August 2015.

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