Kodiak waterproof charger brings juice, fights water

Many solutions to dying smartphones have been flooding the market in recent months. Some include portable USB cables while others opt for smaller microUSB/wall outlet types of products.

Kodiak is a product with charging smartphones in mind, but is a portable battery pack with USB ports for ease of charging. Coming in several different sizes and subsequent charging strengths, the Kodiak is completely waterproof, so it really can go anywhere that you do. Kodiak also has several color options including black, red, green, blue and camo. There’s an indicator light so that you know exactly how long it’s going to last for

Kodiak joins scores of similar products, as stated above, but ups the ante on portable chargers such as Pronto with its waterproof shell and durability. It’s also nice that Kodiak offers three different sizes, the smallest working in a pinch and the largest able to charge multiple devices several times over. The small version will cost backers $25 with estimated delivery in March 2015. The campaign is looking to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo.