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KYON connected collar coalesces canine care

While keeping a dog is an extremely rewarding life decision, it’s also a time-consuming, sometimes draining endeavour. With so many aspects to constantly think about, many pet owners would quickly welcome a device into their lives that would help with it all.

The KYON smart collar is exactly that, a thin, lightweight collar equipped with a wide range of connectivity features that helps owners monitor the well-being of their little furry loved ones. KYON works using Bluetooth in conjunction with a base station or a companion smartphone app to do this, featuring embedded GPS technology and an altimeter to ensure owners know exactly where their pooch is at all time.

It also hosts a bevy of other functionality, as well: a temperature monitor to avoid heat stroke, a water sensor to detect when a dog might be in danger of drowning, small high-frequency generators to pacify aggression or quiet excessive barking, and a nine-axis accelerometer to monitor activity levels. All of these technologies are tied to alerts issued directly to the app to keep owners in the know. A KYON smart collar is going for $219 and is expected to ship August 2016. The team behind KYON is looking for $75,000 by May 15th, 2016 to see success.

One of KYON’s most interesting quirks is an LED-screen that is supposed to communicate important messages like “I am lost” in addition to (and frankly, harder to believe) feelings. This combined with the range of aspects to monitor makes KYON more capable than something like the Smart Collar — even if KYON does nothing to help train a pooch.


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