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LaserDock lets you beam your own laser light music show

The high of any music event is addictive simply because¬†it’s so difficult to experience that same sort of joy outside of it. On one hand, this makes sense: a true venue built to properly express music is unique. Still, it doesn’t mean some of that feeling can’t be taken home.

The LaserDock is a low-cost laser projector designed to bring the trippy visuals of music clubs and festivals home. It comes with hundreds of built-in visualizers and laser shows that react to music in real-time, creating different patterns each and every time.

Laid back users can let the Mac, Windows, or Android app shuffle visualizers, but advanced options and filters are also available to fully customize the experience. Each 1W RGB LaserDock is going for $199 and is expected to ship in September 2016. Wicked Lasers, the company behind the LaserDock, is looking for $50,000 in funding by September 2016.

For music and festival buffs, the LaserDock is a no-brainer.While a wireless LaserDock¬†would be far easier experience in terms of setup, latency was the reason why the company decided to keep it plugged in. Still, it should be something they’re considering for version 2.0 should this campaign see success. The product follows the footsteps of the LiLu Bag, another offspring of enterprising festival goers who want to transport the culture back out into the real world.

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